The Healing Project

I am thrilled to have my first public commission!  I have been approached by Emma Linnane, Arts Officer at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire and to produce 5 pieces of work for the Radiology Department.


UHCW Flyer


I have been working up a sketchbook and a series of samples. Wanting to get feedback and comments from patients and staff, I spent two really fascinating days in the reception at the Arden Centre, setting up a small table to show my samples and talking to patients, families and staff to get their input and impressions. We looked at including healing/medicinal plants into the work, what colours people preferred and  how slightly naive and quirky  birds, butterflies and beetles might be incorporated into the pictures to make people smile. Everyone unanimously wanted bright and vibrant hues and tones and images that would bring both cheer and hope.

I feel very privileged to undertake this piece of work and am now busily working to develop the ideas gathered from the hospital workshops and turn these into reality!